Le Casette Farmhouse is located on a promontory that divides the Municipality of Fiastra from Pievebovigliana and Visso, remaining within the Sibillini Mountains National Park. The road connections will allow you to quickly reach all the “strategic points” sport giving you the opportunity to practice many sports depending on your preferences and tastes.

Lake of Fiastra (just 5 km away) will keep you swimming, kayak or bird watching (special activities appreciated considering the numerous species of birds that inhabit these skies). Also in Fiastra, you can have fun on the tennis courts for games with friends or go horseback riding, trekking on foot, by road bike or mountain bike.

These last activities are particularly indicated as there are 3 routes of enormous value that will also allow you
to venture for tens and tens of kilometers through the entire territory of the Sibillini Mountains.


We also indicate some walks that you can take in the arounds:


Do not forget the cross-country and downhill skiing at the Sassotetto and Bolognola area. The only approved cross-country trail of the Umbria-Marche Apennines with several beaten rings for the classical and modern technique for a total of 20 km. On the other hand, other slopes can be explored and exhibited for lovers of hiking and mountaineering skiing or for snowshoeing on fresh snow. Due to its particular exposure, the Piani di Ragnolo slopes are the ideal place for snow-kiting and selddog.

In the enchanting scenery of the Fiastra Lake and the Sibillini Mountains, the “Sibillini Mountains Triathlon” takes place every year between June and July, or a sports competition involving hundreds of participants from all over Italy representing the strongest and most important Italian companies. The race includes a first 1.500 m swimming pool, then a second one to ride on a 38 km long bike race and finally a 10 km running race along the lake’s shores.